Young People's Healthy Heart Program - For All Ages
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Lesson Plans




Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans focus on nutrition and physical activity to help elementary students (kindergarten through grade six) develop and practice lifelong habits. Knowledge, skills, and problem solving have been incorporated with the emphasis on behavior change…to help students
• select healthy heart food choices
• increase physical activity.
Sugar, salt/sodium, fat, fiber, and physical activity are topics included with the lesson plans.

Students participate in
• label reading
• identifying Anytime & Sometime Foods
• preparing healthy snacks
• reaching their exercise fitness zone
• setting personal goals
• home & advocacy activities

The lessons are designed to be used 2-3 days a week spread over a minimum of 5-7 weeks. These fun and easy-to-use lesson plans come with a scope & sequence, learner objectives and a host of fun activities. To bring the lesson plans to life the lesson plans use “Heart Buddy” a loveable hand puppet for kindergarten through grade 2 and test tube visuals for grades 3 through 6.

A contract in which parents/guardians agree to try to do the home activities throughout the year to encourage healthy behaviors at home is included with the lesson plans. Both the parent and the student are asked to sign the contract before the start of the unit.

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