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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans — 2nd Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans—2nd Grade

The lesson plans meet the National Health Education Standards for nutrition and physical activity, and for all states that base their standards on the National Standards such as North Dakota.

Students review heart facts and learn through activities how the heart rate increases during exercise and why this is healthy. A puppet named “Heart Buddy” (sold separately) has been designed to help teach these lessons. Students continue to use the “fast heart-slow heart” concept learned in kindergarten and grade 1, and do home activities such as commercial jogging (jogging in place at home during TV commercials). They learn how too much fat can hurt our blood vessels, practice choosing “Anytime Snacks”, particularly fruits and veggies and prepare various healthy snacks in class.

Students participate in

• activities related to the heart

• doing “fast heart” activities

• identifying Anytime & Sometime Foods

• preparing healthy snacks

• tasting lower fat foods

• setting personal goals for snacks and exercise

• home and advocacy activities

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