3rd Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans — 3rd Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans — 3rd Grade

Students list the 4 major behaviors that promote heart health (exercise, low fat foods, less salt and not smoking). They learn how to take their pulse and begin to learn about exercise fitness zones. They discuss the benefits of fresh foods versus processed foods, learn to read labels, and investigate how fat can make foods taste different and why we choose the foods we do (taste, health, etc.). Test tubes in the How Much Fat? Part I and How Much Fat? Part II visual aids (sold separately) show how much fat is in a variety of foods, including fast food. The teacher shows these to the students and then the students take these visual aids home and teach their parents. They prepare Fruity Yogurt Shake as a class and try out two healthy heart food changes at home.

Students participate in
• activities related to the heart
• doing “fast heart” activities
• identifying Anytime and Sometime Foods
• preparing healthy snacks
• tasting low fat foods
• setting personal goals for snacks and exercise
• home and advocacy activities

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