4th Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans — 4th Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans — 4th Grade

A healthy blood pressure is the focus in 4th grade with students learning what blood pressure is and how to keep a good blood pressure (eating more fruits and veggies, exercising, drinking 3 cups of low fat milk a day and eating less salt.) Students keep track of how much TV they watch daily with the goal of watching less and exercising more. They read labels for sodium and look at the test tubes in the How Much Salt? visual aid (sold separately), showing how much salt is in popular foods. The students then take the salt tubes home and teach their parents. They strategize how to eat less salt and eat more fruits and veggies, how to fit in 3 cups of milk a day, and do home activities.

Students participate in
• activities related to blood pressure
• identifying foods high in sodium
• tasting foods lower in sodium
• label reading activities
• setting personal goals for snacks and exercise
• home and advocacy activities

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