5th Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Program – 5th Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Program – 5th Grade

Students role play an artery in order to learn the relationship of LDL and HDL cholesterol to heart health and the role of food and exercise. They experience what the three different fitness zones feel like, read labels for fat and recognize that serving sizes affect the amount of food and fat that we eat. Students identify foods high in fiber, the benefits of fiber and try eating fiber-rich foods. They discover how much sugar we eat by looking at the test tube visual aid How Much Sugar? (sold separately) showing the sugar in foods, and then take the tubes home and teach their parents. One of the recipes they make in class is caterpillars (quick bread stick dough rolled in high fiber cereal, baked, and served with yogurt or applesauce). They continue to focus on eating only 0-2 Sometime Foods a day.

Students participate in
• activities related to cholesterol
• label reading activities
• tasting foods lower in fat
• setting personal goals for snacks and exercise
• home and advocacy activities

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