6th Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans — 6th Grade

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Young People’s Healthy Heart Lesson Plans—6th Grade

Students list heart risk factors that they can control. They learn about FIT (frequency, intensity and time) related to exercise and take their pulse/find their heart rate when doing exercises in three fitness zones. They do activities to identify the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They define and read labels for saturated, poly and monounsaturated fat. Each student illustrates the % Daily Value for fat in a popular food using a 10 inch paper circle. They compare the fat in restaurant and fast food in the visual aids How Much Fat? Appetizers and How Much Fat? Breakfast to the Daily Fat Recommendation (test tube visual aids–sold separately). They identify strategies to eat healthier and then students practice these, both in school snacks and through home activities. As a class they modify a recipe to be heart healthy and then prepare it in class.

Students participate in
• activities related to heart disease risk factors
• physical activities in each of the 3 fitness zones
• label reading activities
• setting personal goals for snacks and exercise
• home and advocacy activities

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